Gathering information

During the research phase, we gather all the information we can regarding your business, your market, your customers and the overall goals and expectations of the project. It’s about really understanding the problem before we begin to solve it.

Customer interviews

We hold 1-to-1 customer interviews to get first-hand accounts of your users’ needs, opinions, attitudes and perceptions, and to identify any problems or pain points they experience. Unlike focus groups, 1-to-1 interviews are more in-depth and avoid the group dynamic that can inhibit candid feedback.

These interviews are best conducted in person so we can see the nuances of personal expression and body language, but we can also conduct these remotely via phone or video chat.

Stakeholder interviews

At the start of a project, we interview all your key stakeholders to discuss their roles, responsibilities, and expectations of the project. The findings from these interviews are captured and shared with the project team.


We use workshops throughout the project, but particularly during the research phase. They are principally used to generate ideas, gather knowledge, and prioritize requirements. These can be conducted with stakeholders and/or customers together.