SEO and the art of SEO take time. At PR.AD, we’ve spent years understanding the way search engines work in order to develop the strongest strategies for optimization.

We work with you and your brand to understand firstly what you need to do, and secondly how to do it. We’ve then got a pretty robust method of analyzing the success.

Whether it’s technical optimization you require or a more content-led approach, we can help you.


Understanding your brand

Understanding your brand and your website is a crucial part of developing an SEO strategy.

Before we can delve into the tactics you need to implement to meet your business goals, we need to understand everything about what you’re trying to achieve, your current marketing efforts, and your customers. Below, you’ll find all steps we go through to get our teeth into your brand.

Keywords are at the heart of SEO

Ensuring that your website’s pages include the correct keywords within their copy will greatly influence how well they perform in organic search results and how much relevant traffic you can attract.

With this in mind, keyword research is one of the most crucial parts of your SEO process. Get it right and you’ll be able to spot some of your greatest opportunities and routes to success; get it wrong and your campaign could be heading in the wrong direction from the very start!

Identifying the right keyword portfolios

It’s all about painting a clear picture for our clients. Our keyword discovery involves a deep-dive exploration of the landscape and will investigate:

  • Short-tail search queries
  • Mid and long-tail keywords
  • Associated search demand
  • Competition levels
  • Relevancy