Programmatic display enables you to serve the right ads to the right people at the right time and, more importantly, the right stage of their product journey. At PR.AD we have a wealth of experience of how to plan, deliver and report on RTB campaigns, delivering against your business objectives.

Audience targeting

As an agency, when delivering display campaigns we have many options to target delivery to the right audiences.

First-party audience data is one of the core ways of doing this. We always make the most of our client’s most powerful asset; their first party data, especially when being used for direct response campaigns.

Whether this is modeling look-a-like audiences from on-site behaviors and customer databases, or building remarketing lists and onboarding customer databases for suppression, modeling or lead nurture.

Third-party audience data can also be a valuable targeting tool. We work closely with key data providers to ensure we only buy the most reliable, up-to-date and effective segments.

These range from inferred behavioral segments to verified demographic information from credit bureaus and other brick-and-mortar institutions.

Sites & placements

The media plan lives, sort of. Context is still king. It’s often said people are what they browse, not who they are. And nothing could still be truer. That’s why we still believe in placing adverts against relevant content and in relevant publications. Programmatic advertising allows us to cross-pollinate our targeting strategies to ensure our client’s budget is spent on showing their adverts to the people they want to buy their product.

We firmly believe that publisher relationships are one the keys to successful campaigns and being able to give our advertisers a competitive advantage.

However, we believe in bringing meritocracy to media buying. If a website’s performance is sub-optimal we will change any booked placements mid-flight. We won’t wait until the end of the month to review spend like a network or IO based business.

Not only do we target by site, but we have the ability to target to page level based on semantic analysis of the content and the use of keywords to define our context.

We frequently take advantage of private marketplaces and programmatic is guaranteed to enable us to beat the competition on your behalf or target unique audiences specific only to that publisher.

Reporting & dashboards

Our performance and paid search heritage have helped define how we report on today’s display campaigns whether they are a direct response campaign or even an awareness campaign.

We believe in reporting in detail, so our advertisers have a clear picture of what is going on, what is successful and what is not. We strive to bring in granular information on a regular basis to the fingertips of our clients. However, a campaign without insight could be said to be a waste of money, so we always ensure that we bring back valuable insights at a macro level that help define future campaigns and even inform wider marketing strategies.

To complement our analysis, we believe in putting data at our client’s fingertips and can provide custom dashboards so our clients can see how their campaigns are evolving and performing by the hour.

Insight & analysis

Whether always-on, direct response or brand blast activity our post campaign analysis will always bring back valuable information.

Always-on, through the funnel campaigns aimed to have coherent and consistent insights so our advertisers can observe how a campaign has developed and why.

We can report on as many variables as we can target by and we’re always happy to discuss specific requirements on a campaign to campaign basis.

Our client services team work to ensure there is consistency across channel campaigns and our clients get exactly what they need.

Some examples of our abilities include:

  • Device
  • Format
  • Engagements
  • Operating systems
  • Location
  • Creative performance
  • Viewability
  • Frequency
  • Reach

Types of campaigns

As part of your marketing mix, there are many different types of display campaigns you can use, to achieve myriad business goals.

From brand awareness, prospecting and retargeting, they all work either on their own or together to move your customers along the sales funnel.

At PR.AD, we are experts in delivering these campaigns, while understanding its role as a tactic within your wider marketing strategy.

We work collectively with other experts from around our business to deliver collectively against your business goals.

Mobile web & app

You often hear the phrase ‘mobile-first’, however, we believe that mobile should be integrated into absolutely everything you do – especially when planning programmatic display.

While campaign strategy and messaging should certainly be unified between mobile and other channels, we understand mobile’s unique campaign delivery nuances. So we deliver, optimize and track mobile, app and web placements to provide your consumers with a seamless experience of your brand across devices.

When people research a potential purchase, mobile is often their starting place. However, it’s often undervalued in the user journey. Our technology allows us a high level of determined cross-device tracking and targeting, so we can ensure we are using mobile in the most effective way for your campaign.


Prospecting is the lifeblood of any digital campaign. Prospecting for new customers demonstrating high intent to purchase signals is vital as an acquisition stream in its own right. It also touches other key digital activities.

For example, there are strong correlations between branding search traffic, natural search traffic and display activity. Evidence also proves that exposure to display campaigns prior to purchase can have an uplift in conversions of over 50%.

Straddling the middle of the sales funnel, we put a focus on strong prospecting strategies for any direct response digital campaign. We understand that not only does it drive sales directly or indirectly, it also has a tangible brand halo effect.

We combine many tactics and strategies to ensure that activity is both highly targeted to specific audiences and operates in broad enough strokes to provide scale and deliver reach for the activity. To achieve this, we use a mix of first and third-party data along with strong contextual and environmental targeting methodologies.


Retargeting is a vital tool to secure sales on acquisition-focused campaigns.

We use an element of retargeting on all direct response campaigns. But unlike many agencies, we still focus on quality placements and tight targeting to ensure our spend is as effective as possible.

But while retargeting can be very powerful, you can have too much of a good thing. Not only can over-reliance on retargeting as a strategy be a waste of money, but it also can distort campaign results.

Done properly, retargeting helps secure sales from all forms of web traffic and gives users a valuable prompt who have genuinely fallen out of your conversion process or who are considering competitive services or products. And the key to getting it right is moderation, control of frequency and recency, and understanding when to start suppressing messaging.

You can also use retargeting to help retention and renewal, as well as re-engaging with former customers to let them know about new events, products or services – making display a valuable addition to your CRM activities.