Managed hosting

Our business depends on a reliable hosting infrastructure and easy switching from development to live sites. And we make sure your sites have the same support and security.

We’ve been hosting our own websites, content managed solutions and web applications for a number of years. Building and maintaining websites as part of a profit-making business means that we depend on the reliability of our hosting infrastructure and the easy switching from development to live sites.

We employ our own systems engineers who work closely with our web developers to keep each other informed of changing requirements, and ensure our hosting and development methods evolve accordingly. We offer a fully managed hosting solution that includes complete support for the code we write, ensuring your site is live. If anything goes wrong, we are always on hand. So if your site goes down, just get in touch and we’ll help.


Cloud hosting

PR.AD regularly employs a variety of public cloud services through multiple vendors, including Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services, to architect a range of complete hosting solutions. We find that by utilizing the cloud, we can overcome some of the biggest challenges when delivering an application at an enterprise level.

Designing a secure and reliable but scalable platform is no simple task, however. PR.AD has repeatedly formulated efficient proposals to overcome the many hurdles that complicate these essential objectives. By utilizing cloud services, our focus can be directed towards improving the application’s delivery rather than the troublesome task of deploying costly hardware.

Cost is an important factor to any company as public clouds mostly offer a pay-as-you-go service, allowing for actions such as intermediate expansion during traffic spikes or disabling testing environments to achieve a TCO (total cost ownership) and maximize the ROI (return on investment).

Reliability should be the focal point of every corporation’s needs as offloading the responsibility of managing and maintaining dedicated hardware can help revoke the need to employ expensive engineers to achieve a goal that has already been undertaken and fulfilled by a company that specializes in such services. Let them worry about faulty hardware and apply your efforts to the areas that you know best.

Public cloud providers can deliver an assortment of preconfigured aids to achieve some necessary technical tasks such as load balancing, automatic failover, and auto-scaling. Having these services readily available removes the need to adopt the time-consuming development of engineering such practices.

Dedicated hosting

At PR.AD, we have comprehensive knowledge in dedicated server hosting, coupled with self-hosted virtualised machines, that can be used to provide an optimal disaster recovery solution.  The benefits to this kind of operation secure the ability to migrate environments across multiple locations allowing full business continuity. Bare metal solutions permit for a custom-made infrastructure that can be architected to gain maximum performance out of the application. Hardware can be customized to unique workloads to ensure application delivery is at the highest standard.

Transparency is also acquired through the use of dedicated servers; when trying to debug bottlenecks and performance delays, cloud services will often hide any network or hardware related issues, creating a misconception that there is a problem with the application itself. On larger projects, costs will always be lowest with dedicated hosting, as hardware can be shared across multiple services and the premium added by cloud hosting providers is removed. Resources can be consumed at their maximum potential through low-level system modifications.

High availability/traffic solutions

We deploy high-availability technical solutions that frequently span multiple availability zones, utilizing a collection of services including load balancers, DNS geo-trafficking segmentation, content delivery networks and tactically placed caching servers.

When defining the client’s strategic approach to ensure they provide the best possible product delivery to all users, we conduct a thorough investigation into the geographical location of their audience and the available data center locations that provide the best distribution of their content. Every second of downtime is a potential loss in conversions. Having a system with no single point of failure is a must. PR.AD has, on many occasions, engineered custom-made environments for overcoming such challenges, applying a variety of modern technologies and techniques to guarantee that no service interruption is ever experienced.